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A Famous Car Designer

01/06/2021 from DailyJokes


A famous car designer was about to retire at the age of 64 due to health concerns. For all his life, he had strived for perfection in his craft of designing cars, specifically for Kia. In each of his 32 models, he was instrumental in some innovation or vastly improved function.

He called for a press conference and he declared that he was releasing his last model, which would be the pinnacle of security and longevity. Reporting on his announcement, the stations decide to spice things up by claiming that he had announced a model that no one could damage.

Many took this as a challenge and took the simple route of posting pictures of dented hoods. Despite not having anything to do with the claim, the designer himself rose to answer this indignity! He designed a new chassis that would not be dented even in moderate collisions and released a limited edition variant of this last model.

This time the press doubled down on how invulnerable this 33rd generation model, version 2, was. Immediately people began posting images of shattered windows. He responded by releasing a new version with windows coated in a special polymer, which prevented the glass from shattering except during the worst of collisions.

This dance continued, each new iteration taking just over half a year.

Version 3, never broken… electrical wiring cut… wireless communications between isolated systems.

Version 4, always whole… breached fuel tank… micro fusion reactor.

He released version upon version to protect his pride.

As he approached the age of 70 he called for another press conference, hinting that this was to be the last work he ever did. This time around, the seats were packed with as many could fit within the venue. Entering to a standing ovation he looked a lot older than last time. Slowly he approached the podium, took a deep breath, and said only one thing: “No Kia 33 10 is indestructible!”

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