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Chuck Was A Teenager And Still A Virgin

09/20/2022 from DailyJokes

Chuck was a teenager, and still a virgin.

His dad didn’t want him to go to college without having slept with a woman,

So on Chuck’s 18th birthday, he sends Chuck to the local wh0rehouse.

Times were tough, so he only could give Chuck a dollar.

The prost!tutes took pity on Chuck.

He gave one his dollar and they went into a room.

Somehow, Chuck was the greatest lay the prost!tute had ever had.

Passionate, caring, and a sizable package.

When they were finished, she told Chuck to take a duck that she had so he could cook it for dinner.

On his way home, the duck escaped Chuck’s hands and flew into the road, where it was promptly hit by a passing truck.

The driver was apologetic and gave our hero $25 as compensation for losing a nice dinner.

When Chuck got back home, he had a giant smile on his face.

His father, kind of in shock, asks him how it went, as a dollar barely gets you a halfhearted handjob.

So he says, “How’d it go?”

Chuck replied,

“well, I got a f*ck for a buck, a duck for a f*ck, and 25 bucks for a f*cked up duck.”

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