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A Farmer Had A Problem With Foxes Stealing His Chickens

09/17/2023 from DailyJokes

A farmer had a problem with foxes stealing his chickens,
so he decided to get a guard dog.

He went to the pet shop and asked for a fierce dog that would protect his chickens.

The shopkeeper showed him a tiny Chihuahua and said,

“This is the best guard dog you can get.”

The farmer was sceptical and asked,

“How can this little thing guard my chickens?”

The shopkeeper said,

“Trust me, he’s very smart and very vicious. Just try it out.”

The farmer took the Chihuahua home and put him in the chicken coop.

The next morning, he went to check on his chickens and saw that all of them were gone.

He also saw the Chihuahua lying on the ground, covered in feathers and licking his lips.

The farmer was furious and shouted,

“You stupid dog! You ate all my chickens!”

The Chihuahua looked up at him and said,

“I told you I was a good guard dog. I just didn’t say who I was guarding them from.”

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