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It’s Unbelievable What You People Get Up To On Trains

01/09/2018 from DailyJokes

Our story starts a few years ago, as a train is speeding along through the city. Four people sit in one of its compartments: A beautiful, vivacious young woman, an old, matronly woman, a poor man and a rich man.

Suddenly, the train goes through a tunnel. It is completely dark. Then is heard a loud kiss and an equally powerful slap. When the train exits the tunnel, the rich man is holding the side of his face in agony, while the poor man is grinning uncontrollably.

The old matronly woman thinks: “Now that’s a fine young woman, the poor man tries to steal a kiss in the tunnel and the lady slaps him one ā€“ and rightly so!”

The young woman thinks: “Now that’s a strange rich man – he’d rather kiss that old hag than me.”

The rich man thinks: “Now that’s a smart poor man, he steals a kiss and Iā€™m the one who gets slapped.”

The poor man is thinking: “Good, soon we’ll be through the tunnel, I’ll kiss the back of my hand again and slap that millionaire.ā€

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