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The Mugger And The Fighter

01/08/2019 from DailyJokes

One night a man was walking back to his apartment when he was set upon by a masked thief.

Although he wasn’t exactly a martial arts specialist, he immediately decided to fight back.

With arms flailing about, the two men engaged in a fierce battle that saw them rolling about on the sidewalk in full view of passers-by, kicking and spitting and screaming in rage.

Despite putting up a tremendous fight, the man was eventually overpowered by the thief and pinned down. He raised in hands in tired defeat, and the thief wearily turned him around and searched his pockets for the treasure he defended so strongly. He searched the man everywhere, but he found nothing more than a single quarter.

“Hey man, did you put up such a crazy fight just for that?” asked the thief, gasping for breath.

“You can’t have it!” shouted the man.

“You’re a crazy person, get lost,” said the bewildered thief.

“Oh, you just want the quarter? I thought you were after the $500 I’ve got in my shoe.”

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