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Baby Names

07/12/2021 from DailyJokes

My wife and I wanted the sex of our baby to be a secret. She and I were sure the baby would be a girl, with four names, and we picked Alyssa Cassidy Shea Smith to be her name.. but there was always that doubt in the back of our minds.

The delivery day came at last. My wife was going into labor, and cried out a final reminder: “Don’t forget, her name is Alyssa Cassidy Shea Smith!”

“I know honey! Just be strong, you got this!”

“Oh! I almost forgot,” she said, just before the epidural took over. “We need a boy name, just in case he’s a boy.”

18 hours later, a boy was born. I’m nothing if not a good listener.

Our bouncing 8 pound, 6 oz child was named according to mom’s wishes.

Justin Casey Zaboi Smith

Idk why she’s so mad.

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